Hands Education and Outreach


HANDS has an Education Department to teach young children arts and music whilst they are training to be drummers so that they, their parents and the general public can appreciate the performing arts.   


HANDS’s education development includes:

• Promotion of the 24 Festive Drumming Culture
They promote 24 Festive Drumming – one of the Malaysia’s unique heritage. They have set up and design drumming classes for primary, intermediate and advance students and have compiled their teaching methods and materials into a book to standardize the teaching process. In addition, HANDS has been organizing drumming camps which provide a learning and sharing platform for their drumming students all over Malaysia. HANDS is currently coaching in 26 schools and has nurtured more than 8000 students since inception. Their ages range between 5 – 40 years, from kindergarten children to university students and there is also a team who are deaf.

• Research and Development in Percussion
HANDS wants to develop their percussive art. They take note of the various Malaysian ethnic percussive instruments available and try to know more about them as well as the different cultures where they come from. They want to include other local elements in their performances. We also hold drumming classes for the general public: adults, children, senior citizens as well as conduct team building courses.