Answers can be entered in English or Chinese.
答案能够以英语或者 汉语进入
What is the name of your company? 公司的名字:  
Company type? 公司类型:  
What is your first name? 姓 名:  
Surname? 贵姓:  
Title/Salutation 称呼:  
What is your title/position in the company? 职位:  
What is your email address? 电子邮件地址:  
Mailing address1: 通讯地址:  
Mailing address2: 通讯地址:  
City : 城市:   
State/Province : 州/省:   
Postal Code : 邮区:   
Country : 国家:   
Telephone Number : 电话号码:   
What is your Skype Name? : 您的SKYPE户名?:   
What is your website address? 网站地址:  
Year established? 贵 公司注册年 份:  
How many employees are in your company? 贵公司总雇员:  
Are you currently exporting? 贵公司产品目前有 无外销:   
[If yes] where? 请注明那一国:   
What type of industry are you in? 贵公司是属那类型的工业:  
What is your product or service? Please describe briefly.
产品或     者服务 种类?请简要地描述  
Do you have branches in other countries?  
贵公司有 无国外分行:  
Do you have agents in other countries?  
贵公司有 无国外代理商: