Hand percussion team promises a mind-blowing performance


THE much-celebrated Chaos In Unison by the Hands Percussion Team is back this year with more punch to take the audience by storm.

The performance, sponsored by HSBC Arts Fund and supported by the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC) is now being restaged. The show, which started yesterday, ends tomorrow at KLPAC, Sentul.

This time around, the team had brought in new performers and improved some parts of the composition, which would include new techniques studied throughout the year by the performers.

Hands Percussion

Swift movements: Expect a thrilling show from the team.

“After various trainings in yoga, modern dance, and other physical training, we have adopted these new experiences into the restaging of Chaos in Unison,” said artistic director Bernard Goh.

“The flow of the performance is tighter and smoother and there is definitely an improvement in the drumming techniques of the performers,” Goh said.

The female drummers are also embracing new roles in the performance.

“They have a part in the ‘rotan’ session which was dominated only by the male drummers in the last performance. You can feel the togetherness of all the drummers unlike the last time when there was quite a difference between the full-timers and part-timers,” Goh said.

After a year of exposure and other learning experiences, the drummers have also become more flexible and mature in handling and expressing their emotions through the drums. The characters and stories of the drummers have changed according to their growth.

“I was happy that the Hands Percussions Team played to a full house the last time around and I hope it will be the same this time,” Goh said.

Chaos in Unison explores the relationship between the drummer and their instruments. It is an interpretation of the different journeys a group of individuals experience as they attempt to define themselves individually and as a group. The performance explores many aspects including happiness, love and acceptance and the need to find the right balance in it all.

The award-winning Hands Percussions Team had also been invited to perform at the 16th ASSITEJ World Congress and Performing Arts Festival held in Adelaide, Australia. ASSITEJ is an international festival of theatre for children and young people from around the world. They were also the winner for Best Original Composition, Best Group Performance and Best Production Values at the 5th Annual Boh Cameronian Arts Awards 2006 for the concert Drumslices and Chaos in Unison was nominated in the same categories for the 2007 awards.